Ot Week 78! Hello from sunny Naples, Florida! I’m down here for the weekend for my friend’s 40th birthday! It’s fabulous. We did Korean sheet masks last night and I learned that one of the other women uses kbeauty snail mucin! Wow! Everyone is loving how their skin feels this morning. Sometimes you just need a weekend doing whatever the heck you want to do, and this is mine. No husband, no children, no one to tell me what to do or when to do it, no responsibilities. Except for making sure my friend has fun. Which will be easy, because her fun is my fun! Cocktails and kbeauty was last night. We’re rewatching Baumdog Revenge Club, episode 1 tonight because one of the girls from my free the kimchi group missed it and she’s here as well.

So how am I doing with my live-watching record? Barely keeping up. But this me-time weekend may help!

Mr. Sunshine. I think everyone should just watch this. I don’t care if you don’t like the writer, or any of the actors, or if you think it’s too over-the-top in production. Just watch one episode, episode 9 was my favorite. And watch it on something other than a phone or laptop, you owe it to yourself to watch it on a television screen, the larger the better. It’s just so beautiful. Just watch it for the beauty.

Thirty, but Seventeen. Such a sweet show. Everyone is still nice, so nice. Yang Se-jong just does sadness well, and his character is so cool and collected on the outside, but tumultuous underneath that cool exterior. And Lovable Chan, the nephew, I’ve adopted him as my kdrama son. So adorable.

Prison Playbook. I’m STILL watching this, and have about 45 minutes of the final episode to go. I like the slow pace and I like being able to pick it up knowing exactly where I am. It’s like these lives are just being lived and I’m just peaking in every once in a while. This is really a great show.

Let’s Eat 3. This show I like too, but I haven’t seen this week’s episodes yet. 30b17 has toppled it as a primary drama. I’m sure I’ll see it this weekend though.

Are You Human Too. This is a “Trauamabeans” Rabbit watch drama. I just happened to have had some time at work (while catching up on paperwork) to “hop” into both episodes this week for the finale. I never got into this one, but I was intrigued enough to jump in and watch some random episodes with the Rabbit Beanies. I live-recorded the comments while we were watching. Entertaining in and of itself to see reactions live. It’s also nice to spaz with fellow kdrama fans.

Life. Will wait until this comes out on NETFLIX in the US Sept 12th. *Le sigh*


So, talking about how affable Dae-young is on Let’s Eat 3.

Me: There’s some discussion on DB about how its hard to know how sincere a person is when they’re just friendly with everyone, like Dea-Young. Like it’s hard to know if they really like you, or if they’re just being friendly.

Hubby: So?

Me: So, you know how you…

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