Premiere Watch: Lovely Horribly


Lovely Horribly

Time slot: Monday & Tuesday
Broadcaster: KBS
Genre: Horror, rom-com
Episode count: 32 (half-hour episodes, 16 hours total)

Reasons to watch: Horror-romantic-comedy is still a rather uncommon genre mashup, but Master’s Sun was all of those things, so there’s proof it’s possible to turn it into a winning combo. Lovely Horribly tells the love story between a man and a woman who share a fate—more specifically, they share opposite sides of one fate, which means that if one of them is happy, the other is unhappy by default, according to the crappy rules of this universe. I have to admit, that premise is weird enough that I’m dying of curiosity to know how they’ll pull off a happy ending for them both.

It’s also a showbiz drama: Park Shi-hoo is a top star whose life is always going well, Song Ji-hyo is an aspiring drama writer whose life is always going sideways, Lee Ki-kwang is a drama director with the ability to see ghosts and a crush on Song Ji-hyo, and Choi Yeo-jin is the star drama writer with a secret behind her Midas touch. The PD-writer team is new, so we have no idea what to expect from them, but hopefully the supernatural drama set will make for some witty in-jokes and spooky chills. I’m a big wimp when it comes to horror, but the rom-com kind can’t be too bad, right?


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