Team Dramabeans: What we’re watching

So, what are we all watching this week?

What kept you reaching for more (or agonizing when there was no more), and what made you want to throw your remote through the screen? Time to weigh in…



Let’s Eat 3: I’m behind on almost all my shows right now, but there’s something so watchable about Let’s Eat that it’s my go-to show when I have a free moment. I love the development of Ji-woo just sticking by Dae-young’s side as a friend, knowing that it’s what he needs right now. And the funny part is, even though I know how the past timeline will work out if Ji-woo is still pining for her first love, I get all invested in the college romance and find myself rooting for them to work out. Dae-young is facing some true life struggles in this season—loss of love, loss of work, depression, and self-doubt—but it makes me appreciate his character development all the more, especially after so many years. He’s the same character that we first met but believably older and more mature, and that makes the growth feel natural and earned.



Witch’s Love: This show makes me cackle so much, I feel like I’m an honorary witch now. The disapproving grannies were funny but nothing tops their new, businesslike dedication in getting that true love’s kiss for Cho-hong. Magical abilities + Disregard for human beings + Desperation to save Cho-hong = outrageous scenarios FUN. I almost feel bad for Ma Sung-tae for being attacked by Cho-hong’s charms on one side and the grannies’ wicked plots on the other, but it’s kinda his fault for hiding his feelings so stubbornly. Boy, would it kill you to admit you like the weird girl begging for a kiss? (Actually, I’m pretty sure it will. One of these days, his heart and body will shut down because of the massive effort he’s putting into denying himself. Teehee.)

Life on Mars: OMG he’s back in the present?! Just like that? What happens to his imaginary gang? Were they based on actual people back in 1988 and can Tae-joo, like, search for them in 2018? But what if they’re dead? Or they’re alive but utterly miserable? Or they weren’t cops at all but nurses and doctors taking care of him during his coma? I almost don’t care about the Nail Polish Killer in the present. I just want Tae-joo to reunite with Kang Dong-chul’s team. In any way possible. *googles how to put someone back in a coma* *discovers it in my bookmarks folder because of Switch*

Life: Look, they’re doctors. They cure people. They save lives. I’m supposed to root for them. It shouldn’t matter that they lie about accidental deaths, or they hate practicing in the countryside, or that they have this stupid university clique that passive-aggressively bullies our precious Dr. Joo. But it does matter. Seung-hyo makes a damn fine point (almost as fine as Jo Seung-woo in suits.) I hate that his words get to me because I know he has a very evil stake in the hospital, but at the same time, you can’t deny his logic, and I hate that. I hate that this show makes you feel disloyal to The Greater Good. I hate that I can’t make my mind up about the doctors and their understandably human faults. I hate Jo Seung-woo and his smirk. I hate him so much, I gotta watch some more and see just how much I hate him.

Produce 48: I have a new favorite team: Lee Seung-gi and Lee Hong-ki. In the same judging panel. Trying to act professional and bursting into gigglefits as they tease each other about being professional. Now that the stakes are higher, I can’t imagine the pressure the girls are under during the “mentoring” scenes. It hurts my stomach to watch them sit there and wait for their turn as other groups perform better (which is scary) or perform badly and be harshly rebuked for it (also scary). It’s not like I’m performing too, but I’m still so thankful for Seung-gi and Hong-ki’s jokes because I know how much it helps to have a bit of humor in the room. Someone who can crack jokes and make the other mentors laugh and remind me that they’re human–even if they do have godlike talents and possibly hold the girls’ futures in their hands.



Your House Helper: I’m a couple of weeks behind, but how lovely, understated and heartwarming is this show? It feels like a cross between Radiant Office and You Who Forgot Poetry, inhabiting that particular type of slice-of-life drama that gives you the small comedies and tragedies of regular life without either overdramatizing or trivializing them. After seeing Bona in a third drama now, I’m all in on her as an actress, and of course Ha Suk-jin is always great. What really makes this is the ensemble, though—especially Jewelry Designer and her Awkward Lawyer. They’re just too cute!

Thirty But Seventeen: I’m enjoying this show a lot, although it’s not quite at the level I had expected from the writer of High School King of Savvy. I’m starting to get annoyed with how almost every time a character is about to find out an important piece of information, it turns out to be a fake-out. It’s frustrating because with a premise and characters like this, there’s no need to stall plot development like this; there’s so much to explore! I’m here for the adorably developing feelings between our leads, and I’m in paroxysms of joy and sadness over everything that Chan does (❤️) but I want to know what the deal is with the uncle already. And what about Jennifer’s past? (It’s lovely how Jennifer and Seo-ri have taken to each other.) I’m sad the ex-rival is still jealous of Seo-ri even though she lost everything—I so wanted them to be friends. At least reunite Seo-ri with the puppy who wanted to follow her to Berlin, and has been faithfully visiting her in the hospital for thirteen years! She needs an old friend by her side.


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