Song Seung-heon, Krystal and rest of the Player cast meet for first script read

This drama has completely flown under my radar, but it looks like it could be a fun ride for the fall. OCN is gearing up for their upcoming crime drama Player, and the cast and crew of the show recently gathered for their first script read, including Song Seung-heon (Black), Krystal (Smart Prison Living), Lee Shi-un (Live), and rookie actor Tae Won-seok (Witch’s Court).

The premise of the show sounds like it might run in the same vein as another OCN drama, Police Unit 38, meaning a fun, rolicking heist procedural. Which is a great thing in my book. A four-member team comprising a con artist, the country’s best driver, a genius hacker, and a “fist fairy” (i.e., the muscle) come together to steal money that the rich have amassed using illegal methods.

Song Seung-heon’s role is that of the leader of the Player team, naturally, as well as the con artist who comes up with the heist plans. Song must have enjoyed his experience filming OCN’s Black because he will be reuniting with the drama’s PD Go Jae-hyun for Player. Krystal, who put in a surprisingly endearing performance earlier this year in Smart Prison Living, will play the getaway driver of the group, having joined the team because of her exceptional driving skills.

I’m actually looking most forward to the last two members of the Player team: I can easily picture Lee Shi-un as the oddball, quirky computer genius, and Tae Won-seok certainly has the bulk to be the enforcer of the group: The “fist fairy” has a fiery temper, but he also has an unexpectedly cute side to him that makes me like his character already.

Supporting cast members pictured in shots of the script read include an interesting mix of musical actors, veterans, and Chungmuro regulars: Kim Won-hae (Life), Kim Sung-chul (To. Jenny), Lee Hwang-ui (Steel Rain), Ahn Sae-ho (Golden Slumber), Lee Hwa-ryong (Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food), Kim Hyung-mook (Sketch), Kim Seo-kyung (Two Cops), and Jin Mo (Champion) will all appear in Player.

OCN’s Player will premiere on September 29 and replace currently airing Voice 2.

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