We’re rapidly counting down to the finale of “Produce 48,” where we’ll see the final 12 girls take their seats on the pyramid, right on the brink of their debut. This season’s rankings have been fluctuating greatly, giving us those made-for-TV dramatic moments! It undoubtedly has to do with the wonderful performances the girls turn in, as we discover new sides to them every time they slay on stage.

So, as we’re gearing up for the finale (which will be airing at an earlier time slot), let’s look back at some of the more outstanding performances from episodes 6 to 11, and also celebrate some of the talented girls who were eliminated too early!

(Note: Listed in no particular order, and there are no direct mentions of ranking results, so safe reading ahead!)

1. “The Truth Untold” (BTS Feat. Steve Aoki)

There’s something so intimate about this performance by Miyazaki Miho, Jang Gyu Ri, Iwatate Saho, and Taeuchi Miyu. I knew it was going to be good the moment we heard Miyu’s breathy first lines, and they certainly didn’t disappoint in giving the song the emotional depth it deserves. This was a beautiful performance for the ears, the eyes, and the soul!