On Park Joon Hyung’s August 31 post for his YouTube channel “Wassup Man,” the G.O.D member took viewers inside JYP and SM for an impromptu tour.

The first stop was JYP and the JYP restaurant, which Park Jin Young said caters only organic food. After a brief run-in with Stray Kids members Changbin and Hyunjin and teasing them for sitting separately from the rest of the group, Park Joon Hyung tried the food himself, lamenting the lack of meat on the day’s menu.

Heading over to SM, Park Joon Hyung made as stop at SM’s restaurant. Asking customers at the restaurant about the food they ordered, Park Joon Hyung said, “The difference between SM and JYP is that JYP only serves what they want to feed you.”

Park Joon Hyung then met up with Red Velvet, who showed him around SM’s practice studio and merchandise store.

Leaving SM, Park Joon Hyung declared that he was going to also visit BTS’s label Big Hit Entertainment to see Bang Si Hyuk, but was turned away at the door because he couldn’t get a hold of the producer.

Watch Park Joon Hyung’s adventures (English subtitles available) below!