Premiere Watch: The Ghost Detective

Premiere Watch: The Ghost Detective by girlfriday   The Ghost Detective Time slot: Wednesday & ThursdayBroadcaster: KBSGenre: Horror thrillerEpisode count: 32 (half-hour episodes, 16 hours total) Reasons to watch: I was a little shocked to see Daniel Choi out of his signature clean-cut, glasses-and-suit look that’s become one with his identity over the years, but Continue Reading

Mr. Sunshine: Episode 17

Mr. Sunshine: Episode 17 by dramallama Ae-shin counts her blessings, as she finally realizes that she’s been protected by unsolicited guardians who admire her more than she can imagine. Dong-mae and Hee-sung make some immense sacrifices for Ae-shin, while she remains sheltered by her nobility, their admiration, and the Eugene’s power as an American soldier. Continue Reading

MAMAMOO Maintains Top Spot With “Egotistic”; Soompi’s K-Pop Music Chart 2018, August Week 2

The top three songs remain the same as last week with MAMAMOO’s “Egotistic” barely edging out TWICE’s “Dance the Night Away” for the second straight week. “Egotistic” won on “M!Countdown” last week while “Dance the Night Away” was already off that chart. That becomes the difference this week despite the latter song winning on “Inkigayo,” Continue Reading

Watch: Jellyfish Entertainment’s New Group VERIVERY Unveils 1st Member With Reality Show Teaser

VERIVERY has introduced their first member! Earlier in the day, it was revealed that the new Jellyfish Entertainment group will be launching their own reality show. The first teaser has now been released and features member Min Chan. In the clip, he first shows off his handsome looks before struggling to connect the camera and Continue Reading

Ghosts, Hospitals, And Date Mishaps: 12 Hilarious Pranks That Idols Fell Victim To

Aside from the packed schedules and extensive training, idols usually take part in side activities to blow off steam. Sometimes, their time off comes at a price when they find themselves as the main characters of a hilarious prank, often pulled by their fellow band members, idol friends, or their staff either on variety or reality shows. Although Continue Reading

Let’s Eat 3: Episode 13

Let’s Eat 3: Episode 13 by odilettante What a refreshing episode! Everyone’s finally learned that honesty is the best way to heal old wounds and establish new relationships. Well, nearly everyone, since there’s still the question of what happened between Dae-young and Ji-woo to keep them apart all these years — and why they were Continue Reading

Red Velvet Guards Top Spot With “Power Up”; Soompi’s K-Pop Music Chart 2018, September Week 1

Red Velvet’s “Power Up” easily repeats as the No. 1 song on our chart this week! This song again swept all the music shows last week, and also topped several internet charts as well. Overall it is still far ahead of the competition. Congratulations again to Red Velvet! MAMAMOO’s “Egotistic” barely held on to the Continue Reading