On September 14, Yoon Doojoon’s agency Around Us Entertainment released a video of Yoon Doojoon on set of his drama “Let’s Eat 3.”

In the video, Yoon Doojoon sits out in the hot sun practicing his lines. When it comes time to actually shoot the scene, he can’t help but laugh at how he stumbles over the lines. After shooting the scene, he turns his hand-held fan away from himself and towards Bean, the large dog on set, despite the sweltering heat.

Next, he films scenes where he has to make various surprised expressions. Eventually, the director laughs and gives him the okay.

Finally, Yoon Doojoon shoots his final scene of the drama and shouts out, “Good job, everyone!” The staff dims the lights and brings out a cake. Holding a flower bouquet in his arms, he blows out the candles and thanks everyone. Everyone around him tells him to stay healthy when he finally enlists, and Yoon Doojoon assures them that he will. As he leaves the set, he continuously says, “Please stay healthy!”

Yoon Doojoon then says his final goodbyes and expresses his gratitude towards viewers of “Let’s Eat 3.” He apologizes for causing so much trouble, but says he is grateful for all the memories and great food he was able to eat on set. With a loud, “Thank you,” he waves his hands goodbye at the camera.

Check out the full video below!