Wheesung and iKON went head-to-head on the September 14 episode of tvN’s “300.”

“300” is a variety show where musicians and 300 of their fans form a team to compete against another team to see who has the best fan chants. The winning team receives a monetary prize of 100 million won (approximately $89,163).

Wheesung said, “It feels like war,” ahead of the battle. iKON recently received lots of love for their easy-to-sing-along song “Love Scenario” and even young children participated in the show to sing along to the song.

The father of an iKON fan said that he’s been going to iKON’s concerts with his daughter. A fan of Wheesung revealed, “While practicing my vocals, I became a fortune teller. Wheesung will win this time.”

During the competition, iKON performed a remix of “Love Scenario” and “B-DAY,” which member B.I said that he stayed up all night to complete. After the performance, B.I stated, “I choked up in the middle. I hope all of you won’t forget today as well. It was more fun than performing in front of a thousand or ten thousand people.”