7 Products From Your Fave Celebrities’ Makeup Pouches

Love them or love them (hey, we don’t call it fave for nothing), there’s no denying that celebrities know a thing or twenty about skincare and makeup. After hours of watching the top makeup gurus work their magic on their faces, these celebrities have definitely learned from the best. And we want in! Hence, we’ve done the next best thing to being a fly on their walls and curated the products they have been spotted using.

Disclaimer: Some of these have been CSI-ed out due to Korean broadcasting laws so we included an Accuracy Probability based on the level of blurring and how certain we are. With that said, enjoy!

Santa Maria Novella Idralia Cream

Forget that 10-step routine! When your skin looks as good as Kim Ji Won’s does on five products, who needs all that? On an episode of “Get It Beauty,” the “Fight My Way” star admitted that she does not actually have a make-up pouch and brought the items on her dressing table instead. On certain days, she switches out her ampoule for Santa Maria Novella’s Idralia Cream, a moisturizing and protective day cream with a light rose scent. Kim Ji Won’s beauty routine is so simple and effective; we think we fell for her just a little harder!

Accuracy Probability: 99 percent

Dr. Schrammek Blemish Balm

Most recently appearing in the drama “Time” as Eun Chae Ah, there’s no doubt Hwang Seung Eon has been a busy bee. But we have to say, that tiredness sure doesn’t show up on her face! The secret to her perfect pore-less complexion? It is none other than Dr. Schrammek’s Blemish Balm. Appearing in a recent episode of the “My Mad Beauty Diary” program, the actress tapped this product on in her get ready with me special to achieve a flawless base. Available in three shades (Hwang Seung Eon uses the one in Light), the blemish balm calms reddened skin and helps it to subside more quickly. It also comes laden with the inorganic compounds zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, which are both found in mineral sunscreens so you will be getting extra UV protection. Thumbs up to that!

Accuracy Probability: 99 percent

Hanskin Real Complexion Skin LX

Goddess of Korea and all-around superb actress Kim Tae Hee is a household name, so when she made a guest appearance on reality program “Get It Beauty,” you can bet we were taking notes. The actress shared that on no make-up days, she loves popping on Hanskin’s Real Complexion Cream EX, as it is pinkish in tone and brightens up her complexion with a healthy glow. Now, you might have noticed that the product we listed here is a tad different (by one letter!) and that is because the cream has since gotten an upgrade. Unless she mass stocked up on the EX, our money’s on the fair lady adopting the LX. So fellow mere mortal, you know what to do!

Accuracy Probability: 50 percent

Too Faced Natural Love Eye-shadow Palette

Anticipation might be high for BLACKPINK’s upcoming collaboration with Dua Lipa, but you know what we are really keeping our eyes peeled for? The beauty looks of course! Having rocked some pretty glamorous looks throughout her career, we knew that any product Jennie rates as a must-have is truly that — a must-have. In fact, this Natural Love palette has been so well-loved by the natural beauty, she confessed to repurchasing many of her favorite units on an episode of “Get It Beauty.” (Her ultimate fav is the shade Nudie, shh!)

Accuracy Probability: 100 percent

Wycon Long Lasting Eyeliner in #05 Choco

If sharing is caring, then Akdong Musician’s Lee Soo Hyun might just be a walking and singing Care Bear. Aside from her day job of being a songbird, Soo Hyun also runs a YouTube account named “Mochipeach” where she produces beauty-related content. In one such video, she helpfully divulged the contents of her make-up pouch and shared her secret to perfecting that sultry eyeliner look — Wycon’s Long Lasting Eyeliner! Soo Hyun favors a warm chocolate shade that is less harsh and more natural than the conventional black eyeliner.

Accuracy Probability: 100 percent

Moonshot Cream Paint Lightfit in M115 Coral Chou

Out of all the BLACKPINK ladies, it has been revealed that maknae Lisa has the most extensive make-up collection. Naturally, when she turned up on “Get It Beauty” to introduce her fav products, we were certain they would be the cream of the crop. And cream it sure was, for Lisa’s pick for her puckers was Moonshot’s Cream Paint Lightfit. Described as a perfect MLBB (My Lips But Better), the formula glides on smoothly to give a velvet-matte finish.

Accuracy Probability: 90 percent

Dior Hydra Life Lotion-To-Foam Fresh Cleanser

Fresh from her “Warning” comeback, Sunmi appears as fresh-faced as ever thanks to her meticulous removal of her make-up. On an episode of reality program “Secret Sisters,” Sunmi and Red Velvet’s Seulgi took time to remove the day’s make-up with the help of this lotion-to-foam cleanser from Dior. Packed with natural white tea leaf extract, the airy foam helps to deeply cleanse and refresh the skin gently and effectively.

Accuracy Probability: 80 percent

Hey Soompiers, which of your fav celebrities’ make-up pouches would you love to raid? Or if you have stolen a peek, do share what products you spied! Sharing is caring, be like Soo Hyun!

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