Drama viewership ratings for the week of Sep. 24-30, 2018

Drama viewership ratings for the week of Sep. 24-30, 2018

The first batch of new shows has arrived, and they run the gamut in theme and in ratings. Numbers are still relatively low (I guess we’ll have to accept that this is the new norm), but it’s nice to see that some titles are hanging in there.

First off, we have Lovely Horribly doing kind of horribly and consistently losing numbers. Monday’s episode was their lowest number yet with only 1.0 percent ratings. Its competitor 100 Days My Prince, on the other hand, is going strong, as is its leads’ budding romance. The majority of Wednesday-Thursday dramas were moved to Thursday this week, giving us two big premieres. Not only did spy mystery My Secret Terrius and medical drama Heart Surgeons bring in decent numbers, but they’re also neck and neck.

Finally, for the weekend, we have My Only Ally close to breaking 30 percent ratings. It had two new competitors over on cable, with Player beating out breezy romance The Third Charm and making it the underdog. Meanwhile, hit drama Mr. Sunshine came to an end, officially becoming another entry in a string of successes for writer Kim Eun-sook.

Drama viewership ratings for the week of Sep. 24-30, 2018

Ep. # Station Rating
Monday, Sep. 24
Lovely Horribly 25 KBS 1.0%
Lovely Horribly 26 KBS 2.2%
100 Days My Prince 5 tvN 4.4%
Tuesday, Sep. 25
Lovely Horribly 27 KBS 2.0%
Lovely Horribly 28 KBS 3.2%
100 Days My Prince 6 tvN 6.9%
Wednesday, Sep. 26
The Guest 5 OCN 2.9%
Thursday, Sep. 27
The Ghost Detective 13 KBS 2.6%
The Ghost Detective 14 KBS 2.6%
My Secret Terrius 1 MBC 6.3%
My Secret Terrius 2 MBC 7.6%
My Secret Terrius 3 MBC 6.1%
My Secret Terrius 4 MBC 6.1%
Heart Surgeons 1 SBS 6.9%
Heart Surgeons 2 SBS 7.5%
Heart Surgeons 3 SBS 6.2%
Heart Surgeons 4 SBS 6.5%
The Guest 6 OCN 3.0%
Friday, Sep. 28
The Third Charm 1 JTBC 1.8%
Saturday, Sep. 29
My Only Ally 9 KBS 21.8%
My Only Ally 10 KBS 27.1%
Hide and Seek 17 MBC 5.5%
Hide and Seek 18 MBC 7.7%
Hide and Seek 19 MBC 6.6%
Hide and Seek 20 MBC 9.1%
Let Me Introduce Her 37 SBS 8.0%
Let Me Introduce Her 38 SBS 9.6%
Let Me Introduce Her 39 SBS 10.4%
Let Me Introduce Her 40 SBS 12.7%
Mr. Sunshine 23 tvN 15.4%
The Third Charm 2 JTBC 1.8%
Player 1 OCN 4.5%
Sunday, Sep. 30
My Only Ally 11 KBS
My Only Ally 12 KBS
Wealthy Son 93 MBC
Wealthy Son 94 MBC
Wealthy Son 95 MBC
Wealthy Son 96 MBC
Mr. Sunshine 24 tvN
Player 2 OCN



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