Jang Hyuk Is Forced To Make A Difficult Choice In A Harrowing Situation In “Bad Papa”


MBC’s new Monday-Tuesday drama “Bad Papa” has released new stills of Jang Hyuk caught in a terrifying situation.

The drama is set to premiere on October 1 and will tell the story of a man who decides to become a bad person in order to be a good father. “Bad Papa” is ready to captivate viewers with its powerful action scenes and a heartwarming story about a family. Jang Hyuk will be playing the role of Yoo Ji Chul, a former champion boxer who was chased out of the ring and fell from grace. Though he has hit rock bottom, he does his best for his wife Choi Sun Joo (Son Yeo Eun) and daughter Yoo Young Sun (Shin Eun Soo).

New stills show Jang Hyuk facing quite the struggle as he finds himself in a burning bus that is about to explode, having to make an important decision. Yoo Ji Chul can be seen stumbling around the bus covered in blood and ash, and he holds a bag of money tightly to his chest as he attempts to get out. However, he is stopped in his tracks when he comes upon a trapped and unconscious woman and her crying daughter. Not knowing when the fuel tank in the bus could explode, it is a tense situation as Yoo Ji Chul finds himself unable to leave the injured mother and daughter behind.

The production staff revealed that the scene had taken three days to film and Jang Hyuk had given his all to create a harrowing and terrifying moment. They stated, “It was extraordinary watching Jang Hyuk act out the scene covered in blood and ash. He has really stepped up to create an unforgettable drama and we hope people are excited to see his hard work.”

“Bad Papa” will air its first episode on October 1 at 10 p.m. KST and will also be available on Viki. Check out the latest trailer for the drama below!

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