Fox Bride Star: Episodes 13-14

Fox Bride Star: Episodes 13-14 by LollyPip Our two protagonists are turning out to be one of the sweetest drama couples I’ve seen in along time, and they aren’t even a couple yet! They still have a lot to work out, individually and with each other, but there’s an understanding there that laces all of Continue Reading

Watch: “Dance War” Contestants Cover INFINITE’s Choreography In Round 3

With just four contestants left after the results for the second round were revealed, “Dance War” is back with Round 3! “Dance War” is a new online series that gives male idols the opportunity to showcase their dancing skills through individual and group performances, while hiding their identity behind masks. The contestants receive feedback from Continue Reading

Beauty Inside: Episode 7

Beauty Inside: Episode 7 by dramallama The tension and chemistry between our leads is palpable, and I am living for this. There’s no doubt that our fake couple have crossed the line from business to romantic intimacy, but they clumsily navigate that transition from business partners to romantic partners because of their insecurities and uncertainties. Continue Reading

The Guest: Episode 11

The Guest: Episode 11 by odilettante We finally learn the true origin of Park Il-do and his connections to the earthly world. The demon spirit is still determined to complete what he started twenty years ago, but this time the trio are adults who are capable of fighting against him. But will it be enough? Continue Reading

Watch: “100 Days My Prince” Cast Experiences Both Sorrowful And Happy Reunions In Making-Of Video

tvN’s romantic historical drama “100 Days My Prince” has released a new making-of video! The story revolves around crown prince Lee Yool (played by EXO’s D.O.) who suffers from amnesia and becomes a useless guy named Won Deuk. He wanders around the countryside and ends up in an unconventional relationship with the oldest unmarried woman in Joseon named Hong Continue Reading

100 Days My Prince: Episode 13

100 Days My Prince: Episode 13 by LollyPip Our star-crossed lovers do their best to move on and forget, but it’s not that easy when everything reminds them of their love for each other. Life in the palace feels wrong for the prince, but luckily, a friend from the past shows up in time to Continue Reading