Room No. 9: Episode 4

Room No. 9: Episode 4 by lovepark When your enemy is the chairman of a huge corporation with the power to manipulate the truth, it’s going to take a lot of work to bring him down. However, power breeds greed, and enemies lurk in every corner waiting to pounce. Hwa-sa will have to learn how Continue Reading

Jang Seung-jo joins Boyfriend’s star-studded cast

Jang Seung-jo joins Boyfriend’s star-studded cast by tineybeanie TvN’s Boyfriend, starring Song Hye-gyo (Descended From the Sun) and Park Bo-gum (Moonlight Drawn By Clouds), began filming last month, but it looks like they’re finishing up casting now. Jang Seung-jo (Familiar Wife) was recently confirmed as an addition, and he will be joining Song and Park Continue Reading

Beauty Inside: Episode 8

Beauty Inside: Episode 8 by dramallama Dating is no easy feat for our leads under the public eye, especially as they go from fake couple to fake exes, but they’ve never seemed more at ease than with the other. The thrill of dating in secret shows our couple that secrets aren’t always so miserable when Continue Reading

Main Cast Of “Priest” Shares Praise For Each Other Along With New Behind-The-Scenes Photos

OCN’s upcoming weekend original drama “Priest” has shared new behind-the-scenes images of its main cast! “Priest” will be a medical exorcism drama which follows a doctor and an exorcist as they team up to protect people from supernatural forces at a Catholic hospital. Yeon Woo Jin, Jung Yu Mi, and Park Yong Woo will try Continue Reading

The Guest: Episode 12

The Guest: Episode 12 by odilettante Eenie, meenie, miney, mo — who’s the vessel for Park Il-do? As the trio seek out answers, their loyalties are put to the test, threatening to tear them apart for good. In his desperation to protect his friends, Hwa-pyung may have doomed them — especially if his psychic ability Continue Reading

From Idols To Style Icons: Korean Stars That Shined At 19/SS Hera Seoul Fashion Week

The ramp leading up to the futuristic Dongdaemun Design Plaza became frenzied once again this October 15-20 as it became the venue for 19/SS Hera Seoul Fashion Week, where people from all over the world gather and express themselves through their personal styles. All eyes are on the capital of South Korea as the leading trendsetter, with celebrities taking Continue Reading

Room No. 9: Episode 3

Room No. 9: Episode 3 by lovepark Our heroine learns that secrets, deceptions, and corruption run amok, and justice may be hard to obtain. Though the heavens may have given her a chance to seek revenge, Hwa-sa remains powerless in front of the enemy who destroyed her life many years ago. Despite her current incapability, Continue Reading