Go Joon joins cast of drama Hot-Blooded Priest

More casting news is coming out for the SBS drama Hot-Blooded Priest! Actor Go Joon (Misty, Rescue Me) will be joining the “extreme” comedy drama as Hwang Chul-bum, a former gang boss turned CEO of a trading company.

Kim Nam-gil (Live Up to Your Name) is the eponymous “hot-blooded priest” who teams up with homicide detective Kim Sung-kyun (Untouchable) in order to solve the murder of an elderly priest.

It looks like Go Joon is positioned to play the villain to Kim Nam-gil’s priest. Go’s character is described as smart with great business skills. By all appearances, he seems like a good person who is sweet and naive–but he’s actually a brutal and cruel man.

Go has been a supporting player in quite a few movies and dramas and I’m hoping Hot-Blooded Priest may be a breakout role for him. I’m looking forward to seeing how he’ll play the baddie in a comedic drama, and how he went from gang boss to CEO.

Hot-Blooded Priest will air early next year. The writer Park Jae-bum (Chief Kim) and director Lee Myung-woo (Whisper) are attached to the drama.

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