First script read for The Man Who Became King

Film-adapted-to-drama The Man Who Became King is a proper prince-and-pauper story loosely based on Prince Gwanghae. In the lead role is the talented Yeo Jin-gu (Reunited Worlds), who plays two roles: Prince Yi Heon and the commoner clown who looks exactly like him. The script read was held recently, and photos from it have been released.

The Man Who Became King tells the story of how the prince ends up switching places with the clown, and the hijinks and great changes that ensue. The pressures of palace life, the deceit, and constant fear of assassination make the prince decide to position a clown in his place. However, leaving the palace doesn’t just lead to absolute peace and comfort for the prince, as his wife begins for fall for his double. Lee Se-young (Hwayugi) will play Prince Yi Heon’s wife, who starts falling in love with her “husband” after the switch occurs.

Kim Sang-kyung (Jang Young-shil) plays the royal chief secretary who brings the clown into the palace on behalf of the prince. Jung Hye-young (Goodbye to Goodbye) plays a gisaeng who has feelings for the chief secretary. Then there’s actor Jang Kwang (About Time) who was in the original film, and he joins the cast as a eunuch who helps the clown pretend to be the prince.

On the other side, there’s Kwon Hae-hyo (Lingerie Girls’ Generation), who plays the Vice Premier who plots against Prince Yi Heon. Additionally, Jang Young-nam (Hundred Million Stars From the Sky) plays the dowager empress who seeks to gain power over Prince Yi Heon.

Others in the supporting cast who were at the script read include: Yoon Jong-seok (The Guest), Oh Ha-nee (The Great Seducer), Yoon Kyung-ho (Fox Bride Star), and Seo Yoon-ah (Matrimonial Chaos).

PD Kim Hee-won (Money Flower) began the script read with this statement: “Casting took a long time, and gathering these actors whom I’ve wanted to work with for this drama was worth the effort. I’m so grateful and happy.” Adding to the sentiment, writer Kim Seon-duk said, “We have waited for this moment. Because we have waited for so long, we cannot expect anything more. We will try our best.”

According to reports, the overall tempo was good, the dynamic and chemistry between the actors were riveting, and each became immersed into his or her role. But the script read was also full of ad-libs and laughter.

tvN’s The Man Who Became King, directed by Kim Hee-won and written by Kim Seon-duk and Shin Ha-eun, will air in 2019.

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