The story behind the suit in Shin Ha-kyun’s Bad Detective

Can this man get any hotter? If anyone can come close to the powerful charisma and raw magnetism of Idris Elba, it would be Shin Ha-kyun (Pied Piper). The latest stills and poster of Bad Detective, the Korean adaptation of the BBC series Luther, have been released, and I’m drooling.

Bad Detective is a thriller-mystery series following the story of the unlikely cooperation between a detective who is more tenacious than a serial killer and a psychopath who is more dangerous than a serial killer. Think Silence of the Lambs, except with a little less cannibalism. Shin Ha-kyun plays the titular bad detective who has anger management issues and trouble controlling his violent urges when it comes to criminals.

In his character teaser, Shin Ha-kyun meets with a psychologist who tries to help him find ways to control his anger. After rejecting several options, they land upon him wearing a suit as a technique. The theory behind it is that by wearing something that requires a gentlemanly formality, he’ll be better able to restrain his inner violent emotions. I’m guessing it won’t work too well, but eh, I’m onboard with any excuse to see hot men in suits.