OT week 94! Getting closer to that 100! I should have a party or something for being on the OT for that long! I’m so excited that I actually watched a Kdrama I wanted to watch this week [not that I didn’t want to watch some of the ones I’ve seen lately, but live watching and participating in the fan wall (with screencaps and gifs) is so much more fun]! But first, with life, the hubby’s sick, started antibiotics, and I probably gave it to him. Where I was sick x 2 weeks and got over it, he always has a worse course and ends up with a sinus infection and antibiotics. And sick for a month. Which means he watches more dramas. So, I’m not really complaining! And THANK YOU ALL for publishing and liking my last DB guest piece on idol scene-stealers! It was a great pick-me-up after a couple of really crazy days at work.

We started “LOVE O2O” again (and I got passed the dubbing) and I am really enjoying this little c-drama. The lead girl reminds me of a pediatrician I know and have been friends with since high school. She looks so much like her (when she was in high school) it’s uncanny. My husband calls her “skinny V” because my friend’s name starts with a V, and the actress is such a waif. He hopes the real V isn’t offended. She’s not overweight in the slightest. But Wei Wei is so cute. And Mr. Nai, he looks like an anime character. I really like the shortened 35-45 min episodes compared to kdramas, it’s perfect because I just don’t have time to sit for an hour or more right now to watch an entire kdrama episode.

But what has me on cloud nine is Park Bo Gum’s new show, “Encounter.” So, after my bad days, I thought I deserved a chocolate reward, some eye candy, and I made my entire family join me for this. Because “family time.” And the first episode did not disappoint, in the slightest. I have some complaints, it’s not perfect, but a Bogum smile covers a whole episode’s worth of sins. I don’t care who the writer or director is, I’m not watching the cinematography. I’m not a fan of the actress. Nope, just some good, empty-calorie viewing is what I’ve signed up for. I don’t know when I’ll be able to catch the rest of this, probably after the New Year, but if I can squeeze an hour out of a day or two, I’ll be back, most definitely.

My daughter and the math genius: the surgery—

Daughter: Math Genius had surgery during Thanksgiving break.

Me: Really? Why?

Daughter: I don’t know, but he’s not supposed to run or play really.

Me: So what’s he doing?

Daughter: Just sitting and talking to me and my best friend.

Me: So he can talk? Does he say his throat is sore or anything? *trying to figure out what kind of surgery he’s had*

Me: Should you make him a card or something?

Daughter: *Scrunches forehead* Why would I do that?

Me: Because you give cards to people who just had surgery wishing they would get better soon.

Daughter: I think he’s fine, mom.

Me: *Drat, first love letter…

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