Revenge Returns releases posters and new teaser

“The time that stopped nine years ago, has begun to move again,” says the poster for Revenge Returns. This SBS drama starring Yoo Seung-ho (I’m Not a Robot) and Jo Boa (Temperature) recently released another round of promos including new posters and a third teaser. In the drama, Yoo Seung-ho’s character, Bok-soo (literal translation: revenge), falls in love with Jo Boa’s character in high school.

However, misfortune hits, and Bok-soo is framed as the perpetrator of a heinous assault case, and is subsequently expelled. Years later, he comes back to school with a drive for revenge. But even before he can get started, he becomes involved in a case that makes his plans for revenge skew sideways.

Posters of the main characters are shown above. Of course we have Yoo Seung-ho, playing the titular hero. Then there’s his first love, played by Jo Boa, who becomes a teacher at their old school. Kwak Dong-yeon (My ID is Gangnam Beauty) plays Bok-soo’s former classmate, a two-faced villain who is currently the head of the school’s board of directors. Then we have some supporting characters: Kim Dong-young (Let’s Eat 3) plays Bok-soo’s best friend and CEO of his company, and Park Ah-in (Mr. Sunshine) plays Bok-soo’s cute stalker.

Until now, I didn’t really understand why this drama was described as an awkward warm rom-com because it struck me more as a revenge melo. But this teaser really hits that adorkable tone. A lovestruck voice narrates “Our class goddess is pretty as always today,” as cuts of Jo Boa are shown. In the middle, Yoo Seung-ho’s voice cuts in to say that the initial narrator is completely mistaken, and that it’s all an act.

Bok-soo carries on firmly, saying that Jo Boa is a two-faced multiple-personality individual, and we see that he’s not completely pulling his assessment from thin air. She carries him on the school track, only to dump him on his back a few yards later. She swears like a sailor toward him, when she’s alone in front of him, so his opinions of her are not so positive.