tvN’s “Problematic Men” has released a suspenseful sneak peek of its upcoming New Year special featuring WINNER!

On December 28, the variety show revealed two new teasers for a special episode with an escape room theme. The first clip begins with the “Problematic Men” cast removing their blindfolds to find themselves trapped inside a pitch-dark, cube-shaped set. The alarmed members ask each other, “What is this?” and a frightened Jun Hyun Moo pleads with the production staff, “Please don’t do this kind of stuff.”

Suddenly, the lights turn on, and the cast members realize that they are stuck in an escape room and must solve their way out within a certain time limit. Peppertones’ Lee Jang Won exclaims, “This is a cube!” and the other members urge each other, “Hurry up and solve the puzzle! Quickly!”

The preview then introduces glimpses of WINNER members Lee Seung Hoon and Kang Seung Yoon hard at work solving various problems and even attempting to scale the walls of the cube.

The clip also shows the timer hitting zero as the cast members panic and dramatically scream, “No! Please stop!” Someone asks, “Is the room getting smaller?” while others say, “We’re doomed. If we keep going like this, we might die.”

The captions declare, “In this place, there is no exit,” as Lee Jang Won cries out, “Save us!”