In the latest episode of KBS’s “The Return of Superman” that aired on December 30, Na Eun expressed her hopes to have another younger sibling!

Her father and professional soccer player Park Joo Ho planned an interesting experiment to test how Na Eun and Gun Hoo would react to the idea of another sibling. He explained, “My wife and I plan to have three or four kids in total, but we were curious to know how Na Eun would react to having another sibling and whether she’d be able to care for them.”

Park Joo Ho walked into the room with a fake belly under his clothes to look pregnant and said, “I’m having a baby.” He was surprised when Na Eun came up to him and kept trying to look under his clothes with an expression of disbelief on her face. When he started to pretend that he had morning sickness, Na Eun immediately showed concern for her father.

Then, Na Eun started taking care of her father by following his directions and doing household chores like the laundry. After leaving the room for a bit, Park Joo Ho suddenly shouted and pretended to be in pain. When Na Eun asked what’s wrong, Park Joo Ho said the baby was coming and brought out a baby doll. Na Eun held the doll and affectionately patted the baby as she said, “It’s okay.”

Soon after though, she realized that the baby wasn’t a real baby but a doll, but she still hugged the doll tightly even as she said, “This isn’t a baby. It’s a doll.” Na Eun later told the production staff, “I’d like another younger sibling because I already like Gun Hoo.”

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