Yeo Jin Goo and Lee Se Young will be the first guests to star in tvN’s “Amazing Saturday” for the new year!

In a newly released preview for the show’s upcoming episode, the two actors make a grand entrance in Korean traditional costumes from their upcoming drama “The Crowned Clown.” Lee Se Young looks beautiful in a queen’s dress while Yeo Jin Goo is dashing in a king’s robe.

However, the cast of “Amazing Saturday” won’t succumb to the guests so easily. They all appear in royal robes and claim to be the king of the palace. The war for the crown starts with music playing in the background.

The heated battle continues with discussions and arguments with each other. Lee Se Young attempts to guess the quiz but gets easily influenced by the cast around her. She admits, “I must be so gullible,” and Yeo Jin Goo jokingly scolds, “My queen!”

Lee Se Young also gets in trouble by the “eunuch” Moon Se Yoon who demands her to focus. When Hanhae comments, “I remember seeing the lyrics from somewhere,” Moon Se Yoon asks, “Can you risk your neck for it?,” making Hanhae speechless. Shin Dong Yup also surrenders the crown, claiming he doesn’t want to take responsibility.

In the end, it’s only SHINee’s Key against Yeo Jin Goo. Yeo Jin Goo demands, “How confident are you?,” and in response, Key quips, “Do you want to get tortured?” Yeo Jin Goo doesn’t back down and asks, “Can you risk your neck for it?”, and Key confidently responds that he can. Lee Se Young only adds fuel to the fire by declaring, “I’ll follow the trend.”

Who will take possession of the royal crown in “Amazing Saturday”? The next episode will air on January 5 at 7:40 p.m. KST.

Check out the preview below!