Whether it be angsty looks, devilish smirks, or sparkling smiles, Kim Taehyung is a performer that showcases many different emotions. His voice is raspy and smooth all at once, but his dance and acting skills only amplify his performances. He always puts on a bewitching stage that can’t help but draw eyes towards him. Here are seven different ways V has dazzled us during his performances!

The “Singularity” Smirk

If you know V, then you definitely know of that signature smirk he gives the crowd just as he brings his mask up to his face. It never fails to make the crowd go completely wild. He radiates the sensual and enigmatic vibe the song has, as he questions what he has gained or perhaps lost from love.

Longing and melancholy in “Spring Day”

“Spring Day” is one of BTS’s most impassioned songs and V captures that effortlessly. He not only masters the choreography that augments the emotional impact of the song, but he also perfectly shadows the ephemerality of the song on his face, especially as he leads into the lyric, “You know it all/ you’re my best friend.” Here’s a video that focuses him throughout the magnificent performance.