Watch: WJSN’s Dayoung And Luda Become Successful Fans Of Girl’s Day’s Hyeri And SHINee’s Key

WJSN (Cosmic Girls)’s Dayoung and Luda spoke about being fans of Girl’s Day and SHINee on the latest episode of tvN’s “Amazing Saturday”! The two WJSN members appeared as guests on the January 12 episode of the variety show, which features Girl’s Day’s Hyeri and SHINee’s Key as cast members. During the show, Dayoung revealed, “When I Continue Reading

Watch: EXO’s Kai Shares His Advice For “Under 19” Contestants Performing “Growl”

On the January 12 episode of MBC’s “Under 19,” the contestants prepared and performed their “shuffle missions.” Spoilers The shuffle mission was set up by creating subunits with various parts “shuffled” around. In Round 1, the “Fake Love” team won over the “Mirotic” team. Round 2 was between the “Be Mine” team and the “Fiction” team. Continue Reading

8 Ways NCT Pushed The Boundaries Of K-Pop In 2018

It’s only been two years since NCT burst onto the K-pop scene, but this supergroup has already made huge waves in the musical world. NCT’s various subunits have not only seen immense success for their catchy music and lit choreographies, but also continuously impressed us with their experimental sounds and artistic creativity. In 2018, NCT further proved their ability to Continue Reading

Watch: “Running Man” Cast Grills Lee Kwang Soo About Lee Sun Bin And Spills Each Other’s Secrets In Preview Ft. WINNER, Chungha, And More

SBS’s “Running Man” has shared an exciting preview of its upcoming episode! In the newly released clip, the “Running Man” staff instructs the cast to reveal one secret about their fellow clan members through text message. The caption teases, “And so began an unprecedented battle to expose one another,” as a visibly stressed Jun So Continue Reading