Looking back on the past decade, we have been blessed with a handful of great music by our favorite idols. Back when the genre was still fresh in the international scene, many hits that were released at the time helped K-pop to become one of the most listened-to musical styles.

None of this would’ve happened if it weren’t for the amazing lineup of K-pop’s second generation, which not only gave new exposure to K-pop but also introduced new concepts and rules of their own to the batch.

Old but gold, here are 12 songs that are turning 10 years old this 2019!

1. Girls’ Generation – “Gee”

10 years ago, “Gee” was crowned “Song of the Decade” by Melon, and this song lived to tell the tale! This chart-topping and award-winning hit really kickstarted Girls’ Generation’s career, as they remain one of the most popular girl groups to this day.