7 Super Savage Moments From “The Last Empress” Episodes 35-38

Revenge is in the air as we get down to the final weeks of “The Last Empress,” and with conflicts coming to a boil, savagery is at an all time high as our characters start to take each other down. From awesome clapbacks to oh-so-satisfying exposés, episodes 35-38 blessed us with some of the most badass and fierce scenes of the drama: here are the seven most epically savage moments of this week’s episodes!

Warning: spoilers for Episodes 35-38 below!

1. When Hyuk sided with Sunny

This scene featured double the savagery: the Empress Dowager (Shin Eun Kyung) slapped Sunny (Jang Nara) across the face, but was quickly met with a nasty surprise of her own when Hyuk (Shin Sung Rok) yelled at her, openly showing that his loyalty now lies with his empress over his mother.

2. Sunny’s self-defense

When Woo Bin (Choi Jin Hyuk) decided that Sunny needs to be able to defend herself, he probably wasn’t expecting her to be such a badass training partner. But Sunny quickly proved that she’s fierce enough to take down even the buff bodyguard!

3. Hyuk’s lunch with the Ohs

Sunny and Hyuk may have reached a tenuous peace for now, but her family is less discreet about their feelings towards him, like in this hilarious scene when Hyuk drops in on the Ohs at lunchtime:

4. The real murder scene

In the most literally savage — and also the most shocking — moment of the week, we found out that the ultimate responsibility for the murder of Empress So Hyun (Shin Go Eun) lies not with Hyuk, but with Kang Hee (Yoon So Yi). Formerly So Hyun’s best friend, Kang Hee monstrously drowned the Empress upon realizing that So Hyun was also pregnant with Hyuk’s child — as if sleeping with Hyuk wasn’t betrayal enough.

5. Ari and Dong Sik’s playdate

Now that Na Dong Sik (Oh Han Kyul) is in the palace, he’s formed a cute friendship with Princess Ari (Oh Ah Rin). Though their relationship tends towards the antagonistic, Dong Sik’s colloquial insults are not only funny, but also good for Ari, challenging her to become more down-to-earth.

6. Sunny’s inheritance

After Ari lets slip that the Grand Empress Dowager’s original will left all her assets to Sunny, Sunny realizes that the Empress Dowager must have fabricated the fake will that left her only the painting of Chungeum Island. And Sunny chooses the most coyly savage way to let the Empress Dowager know that she’s not going to let this slide:

7. When the Empress Dowager was done for

Finally, in what might be the most satisfying scene of the drama so far, the evil Empress Dowager is finally finished. Even more satisfying is that Sunny, Woo Bin, and even Hyuk all worked together to take her down, playing along with her scheme to get Sunny and Woo Bin killed and turning it on her to expose her plan. With not only the press but also the public, via Sunny’s livestream, as witnesses, there’s no way the Empress Dowager is getting out of this one!

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