Writer Kim Eun Hee Talks About Netflix’s “Kingdom” + Future Genres She Wants To Try


Writer Kim Eun Hee discussed her Netflix series “Kingdom” and the genres she’s interested in writing about.

“Kingdom” is Korea’s first zombie sageuk (historical) drama. The cast includes Joo Ji HoonRyu Seung RyongBae DoonaKim Sang HoHeo Joon HoKim Sung KyuJeon Suk Ho, and Kim Hye Joon.

In an interview on January 28, Kim Eun Hee revealed she had been a fan of zombie films for a long time. The writer shared, “People are scared when they think of zombies. But I thought they were sad beings with a remaining strong instinct to eat. I thought that if you take the ‘epidemic disease,’ which is very contagious, and bring it to the miserable Joseon Dynasty, there could be an ironic story.”

In “Kingdom,” which was released to more than 190 countries through Netflix on January 25th, the people who become zombies due to a plague are as fast as Usain Bolt. There is a big difference from what we have seen in other zombies.

Kim Eun Hee explained, “I wanted to express hunger. If a family with a large number of members fights for a small fish, they must be quick. So even though they turn into zombies, the behaviors are similar [to when they were alive]. I hoped this kind of image would be seen with sadness.”

Recognized as “The Master of Genres,” Kim Eun Hee expressed her future desires, saying, “I want to do science fiction in the future, not romantic comedies.” She explained, “I don’t believe in love. Does it even exist?” She added, “There’s someone who is better at romantic comedies than I am. Writer Kim Eun Sook is a literary genius. Besides that [genre], I’ll do everything else I can.”

When asked if her close friend Kim Eun Sook congratulated her on her latest drama, Kim Eun Hee replied, “She came to the premiere and drank a lot. She said, ‘I’m proud of you.’”

“Kingdom” started airing on Netflix on January 25. The second season will begin producing in February.

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