More actors are confirmed for SBS’s upcoming medical drama “Doctor Prisoner.”

“Doctor Prisoner” is a medical suspense drama about a brilliant surgeon who is fired from his job at a large hospital and ends up becoming the medical director of a prison. Namgoong Min will take on the leading role of Dr. Nah Yi Jae in the very first medical drama of his acting career. Hello Venus’s Nara is also confirmed to join as the female lead role. She will play Han So Geum, a psychiatrist who works at a hospital but also volunteers at a prison out of the kindness of her heart.

Choi Won Young and Kim Byung Chul, who recently appeared in JTBC’s hit drama “SKY Castle,” are also confirmed for the drama. Choi Won Young will take on the role of Lee Jae Joon. He becomes the primary successor to major conglomerate Taekang Group after the CEO Lee Duk Sung, who is also Lee Jae Joon’s father, is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.

Kim Byung Chul will play Sun Min Sik. He volunteers to work as a medical director at a prison after finding out that the prison keeps various politicians and people with power. Once inside the prison, Sun Min Sik makes the prison his own castle based on the wealth and power he gained by providing various accommodations to VIP inmates.

Lee Da In will take on the role of Lee Jae In, the youngest daughter in the Taekang family who has both looks and brains. In order to protect her family, she enters law school and walks the path to becoming a lawyer.

Park Eun Suk will play Lee Jae Hwan, the second son in the Taekang family and stepbrother of Lee Jae Joon. While he was born into a wealthy family, he feels insecure because he was born as the son of his father’s second wife. Not being able to fight off his insecurities, Lee Jae Hwan causes trouble everywhere he goes.

Lastly, Jin Hee Kyung will take on the role of Mo Yi Ra. She is the stepmother of Lee Jae Joon and Lee Jae In. She is a former actress who marries into the Taekang family as Lee Duk Sung’s second wife. People accuse her of driving Lee Duk Sung’s first wife to death, but she does not waver. Mo Yi Ra stays cautious of her two stepchildren, but she is willing to do anything for her son, Lee Jae Hwan.

“Doctor Prisoner” will be directed by Hwang In Hyuk, who recently worked on “Laurel Tree Tailors” and “Assembly.” The drama is scheduled to premiere in March 2019 following the end of “Liver or Die.”

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