Actress Kim Seo Hyung recently sat down for an interview to talk about her recent drama “SKY Castle.”

JTBC’s “SKY Castle” has been setting new records for the highest viewership ratings in cable network history, reflecting its immense popularity.

With just one episode left until the drama’s finale, Kim Seo Hyung stated, “I had a really hard time while preparing for this drama.”

In the drama, Kim Seo Hyung plays Kim Joo Young, a college admissions coordinator. Because Kim Joo Young drives the peaceful lives of the many families who live in the grand “Castle” estate to the brink of collapse, Kim Seo Hyung admitted that she often felt depressed due to playing a character with such twisted desires. While reading the script, she would often feel frustrated to the point of running out of her house at 3 or 4 a.m.

Kim Seo Hyung commented, “Kim Joo Young’s lines are not lines of an ordinary way of speaking. When I first read the script, I thought, ‘What?’ However, if I had said the lines as if it were a modern play, it could’ve seemed less serious.”

In the drama, Kim Joo Young wears her hair in a sleek bun and is usually seen in an all-black outfit. Kim Seo Hyung was revealed to have made the decision for Kim Joo Young’s styling, as it would hide her character’s past and only display her shadow.

Talking about her hairstyle, Kim Seo Hyung remarked, “In the beginning of the drama, my head hurt so much that the irritation and fury I felt was beyond words. I regretted it until a few episodes later.”

She continued, “Personally, it’s great that ‘SKY Castle’ did well. I had already hit it big in my acting life with ‘Temptation of Wife,’ and I had gained a lot of recognition at that time. ‘SKY Castle’ did well, but I’m not sure if it’s the second prime time of actor Kim Seo Hyung. I just did the same hard work as other works, and I just appeared in ‘SKY Castle.’ I did gain a lot of good things. There are more calls for inquiries. However, when we received viewership ratings of 1 percent, I felt the same way. I’m grateful that ‘SKY Castle’ chose me.”

The actress shared, “I even jokingly asked the office if they sent me out for the role knowing I was the villain. There wasn’t a conclusion for if she really murdered her husband or not, and it was only resolved through Laura Jung and Lee Soo Im’s conversation. Kim Joo Young was a challenge to the acting career I had piled up until now. I even asked the director about the ending to get completely immersed in my character, but he wouldn’t tell me. I was frustrated.”

Although she had played villain characters before, Kim Seo Hyung said, “I didn’t want to make another Shin Ae Ri [from ‘Temptation of Wife‘]. Although Shin Ae Ri allowed me to become the person I am today, at the same time, she also caused a lot of trauma for me.”

The drama’s highly-anticipated finale is currently scheduled to air on February 1 at 11 p.m. KST. “SKY Castle” will also soon be available with English subtitles on Viki.

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