The group that will debut from MBC’s program “Under 19” is in good hands!

On February 9, it was announced that Crush, who has been working as a vocal director for the contestants of “Under 19,” will be writing the final group’s debut title track and be their producer.

Crush has been showing his affection for the contestants of the show since the beginning as a vocal director, giving them thoughtful advice and always looking out for them. He will continue to do so by writing and producing the title track of the group, whose final nine members will be selected through the finale.

It will be interesting to see what kind of song Crush will create, as he is already a beloved singer whose songs have mass appeal. He is expected to bring the best out of the final debut group as he has known them throughout their journey on the show.

The finale of “Under 19” is set to air live at 5:55 p.m. KST on February 9 during the show’s finale, where the remaining contestants will showcase their talents in their last performance before the nine members of the debut group are announced. After the show, the debut group will hold a special V Live broadcast, with DIA’s Jung Chaeyeon as the MC.

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