On February 11, Kim So Hyun shared her thoughts on the finale of “Under 19” through her agency’s official Facebook page.

Kim So Hyun was an emcee on the MBC survival audition program, which ended on February 9 with the reveal of the final nine members who would make their debut in the group 1THE9.

Kim So Hyun wrote, “Hello, this is ‘Under 19’ MC Kim So Hyun. ‘Under 19’ has finally come to an end. I’ve been an MC multiple times before, but this was the first time that I hosted a show like this on my own. I was very nervous at the beginning and I think I made a lot of mistakes. But the directors [music, performance, and rap teachers] were always dependably by my side and the production staff helped me out a lot too. I was able to get through the live broadcasts because of them, so thank you.”

She continued, “I received some great energy from the young contestants who were working hard and challenging new things in order to pursue their dreams. I was able to think about my own past as well, so this was really a priceless time for me. I want to say that all the debut members of 1THE9 still have a lot to show, so please love and support them. I will also do my best to cheer them on.”

She also showed encouragement to those contestants who did not make the final lineup. “The contestants who weren’t able to debut worked really hard as well. I hope that they won’t give up and instead hold on to their hard work and their determined mindsets and work hard until the end. I want our relationship to continue as seniors and juniors in this industry. Thank you to everyone who loved ‘Under 19.’ I will greet everyone soon through a new project as well.”

Check out the finale of “Under 19” below!

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