Korean rap is one of the most blossoming genres in the music industry. Once an unfamiliar style that was mainly performed underground, today it has become a prominent voice that continues to claim its spot amongst the rest of the musical genres. Furthermore, a lot of idol rappers are proving themselves to be major flow masters, continuously amazing us in the process.

While male rappers have showcased their talents time and time again, female MCs are a rare gem in the game. But worry not, their print in the rap game did not go unnoticed. Here are eight times these fierce ladies delivered the sickest lines!

1. Cheetah – “Stagger”

Since when did I feel this emptiness?
Maybe since then I’ve been hiding behind the heavy comfort of materials

Cheetah is an artist who’s suffered a lot, and she doesn’t restrain from poetically voicing out her struggles through her rhymes.