B1A4’s Sandeul Opens Up About Members’ Emotional Reactions To Jinyoung And Baro Leaving Agency


Sandeul shared his feelings about B1A4 promoting as three members.

In June of last year, Jinyoung and Baro left WM Entertainment, restructuring B1A4 for promotions with CNU, Sandeul, and Gongchan.

On the February 27 episode of MBC’s “Radio Star,” Sandeul opened up about the situation at the time. He shared, “I stayed home for about a month. I didn’t go out at all. I thought about many things. ‘How did we end up like this?’ I didn’t like it. I didn’t want to go out, and I didn’t want to talk to people.”

Then he continued, “One day I was watching TV when I wondered, ‘What am I doing?’ My tears started falling. Then CNU and Gongchan contacted me. They said, ‘Come out. Let’s talk.’ That’s when I went out and started smiling again.”

Sandeul also mentioned the time when Gongchan broke down during a fan meeting. He said, “I’m not the style to tell someone I’m having a hard time, which is why I stayed home. My members didn’t talk about it at all. They held it in.”

He added, “Then we had a fan meeting. We apologized to our fans for all five of us not being able to be there together. Suddenly, someone started bawling behind me. I’m not exaggerating. It wasn’t like a microphone was being used either. I looked back, and Gongchan was bawling.”

Then Sandeul explained, “I saw Gongchan cry many times, but he was so sad that he just bawled. He wasn’t even crying into the microphone, but his cries filled the room. I comforted him, but I was a bit shocked.” He made the hosts and guests laugh with his impression of Gongchan.

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