Memorable Romance Novel Lines From “Romance Is A Bonus Book”


As the love story between the two leads (Lee Na Young and Lee Jong Suk) unfolds in earnest, there have already been several memorable, straight-out-of-a-romance-novel lines from tvN’s “Romance Is A Bonus Book.”

“Romance Is a Bonus Book” tells the story of a relationship between an unemployed woman who gets a temporary job at a publishing company, Kang Dan Yi, and the company’s editor-in-chief, Cha Eun Ho.

Warning: There may be spoilers below. 

An old book, a new sentence

Although Cha Eun Ho initiated the process that set their romance in motion, the decisive moment was when Kang Dan Yi’s feelings changed. She began to see him not as a younger acquaintance, but a possible love interest. To Kang Dan Yi, Cha Eun Ho is like a good book. “I can take it out whenever and I’ve read it so often that I’ve memorized each line.”

However, when her feelings changed, she mused, “I keep seeing new sentences. Are there so many things in this book that I’ve missed? It feels like I’m reading a new book.” Ji Seo Joon replies, however, “The book hasn’t changed. The person who is reading it has changed.”

Like the passing of the seasons

During Cha Eun Ho’s confession, Kang Dan Yi asked him when he began to love her. He said, “Noona, do you notice when the seasons change? Can you pinpoint the exact moment that winter turns into spring? I don’t know the moment that I began to love you.”

He went on to say, “I like you. But there’s no need to work yourself up over it, you can just go on as you are now. I didn’t have a hard time when I was in love with you. It’s not a desperate love that I’ve staked my life on.”

One of those days

When two lovers share a long history of friendship, there are a lot of hidden moments that only come to light when the two fall in love. Cha Eun Ho has had many cases where he’d gotten drunk and gone to Kang Dan Yi’s house, seen her cry but not been able to do about it, and more. He’d waited for her with the mindset of, “I’ll wait until her heart is open enough to accept me.”

One day, he told her, “There are days like this sometimes. When it’s hard to be patient. These are days when I have to remind myself, ‘Be patient, be patient.’”

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