Ahn Bo Hyun, ONE, And More Join tvN Rom-Com Starring Park Min Young And Kim Jae Wook


More actors have joined the cast of tvN’s upcoming romantic comedy “Her Private Life” (literal title), which stars Kim Jae Wook and Park Min Young!

Based on the webtoon “Noona Fan Dot Com,” “Her Private Life” is about a talented gallery curator named Sung Duk Mi (Park Min Young), who is an idol fangirl underneath her professional veneer. Meanwhile, her boss Ryan (Kim Jae Wook) becomes a passionate fanboy of her.

February 28, tvN confirmed the casting of actors Ahn Bo Hyun, Park Jin Joo, ONE (Jung Jae Won), and Hong Seo Young for the drama.

Ahn Bo Hyun plays Nam Eun Ki, an Olympic medalist who runs his own judo studio. He’s a childhood friend of Park Min Young’s character, Sung Duk Mi. Though Nam Eun Ki pretends that Duk Mi is just an annoying friend, he secretly has eyes only for her. When Ryan (Kim Jae Wook) shows up in Duk Mi’s life, his thus far hidden feelings turn into jealousy.

Park Jin Joo is Lee Seon Joo, Duk Mi’s best friend and fellow fangirl.

Playing the idol Cha Si An, the target of Duk Mi’s fangirl love, is rapper ONE. Cha Si An is a member of the idol group White Ocean, and with his visuals and singing talent, he is the most popular member of the group.

Actress Hong Seo Young plays Choi Da In, an incredibly talented media artist at Monoart Gallery and an old college classmate of Ryan, who is the director of the gallery.

“Her Private Life” is slated to air following the conclusion of “Touch Your Heart.”

Watch “Touch Your Heart” below:

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