Gong Myung And Ahn Jae Hong Confirmed For New JTBC Romantic Comedy


Gong Myung and Ahn Jae Hong will both be appearing in the upcoming drama “Melo is My Nature” (literal translation)!

“Melo is My Nature” is a new romantic comedy that will tell the story of three women in their thirties as they attempt to navigate dating and the struggles of their daily lives. Earlier this week, actresses Chun Woo Hee, Jeon Yeo Bin, and Han Ji Eun were confirmed as the drama’s three female leads.

On February 28, the producers of JTBC’s “Melo is My Nature” confirmed that both Gong Myung and Ahn Jae Hong would also be starring in the romantic comedy. Notably, the drama will mark the reunion of the two actors with director Lee Byung Hun, who recently worked with Gong Myung on the hit movie “Extreme Job” and who previously worked with Ahn Jae Hong on the 2015 comedy film “Twenty.”

In the upcoming drama, Gong Myung will be playing the role of Chu Jae Hoon, a younger co-worker of Hwang Han Joo (played by Han Ji Eun), a marketing director at a drama production company. Chu Jae Hoon, who is stuck in a bad relationship when he meets the warm and kind Hwang Han Joo, finds himself confused and distraught after seeing the differences between his colleague and his girlfriend.

Meanwhile, Ahn Jae Hong will be playing the role of Son Bum Soo, an extremely successful drama producing director (PD) whose passion for dramas has waned and who has lost interest in his own work. After stumbling upon the clumsy, inexperienced writing of Im Jin Joo (played by Chun Woo Hee), Son Bum Soo becomes reinvigorated and intrigued by her work. However, after meeting the writer in person, he ends up coming to the conclusion that she is a strange, peculiar woman.

The producers of “Melo is My Nature” commented, “Ahn Jae Hong and Gong Myung are both reuniting with director Lee Byung Hun through the drama ‘Melo is My Nature.’ As this is their second time working with him, we are looking forward to the upgraded teamwork [between the actors and the director], and we expect that they will leave their mark on comedy history.”

They went on, “Please show a lot of anticipation and support for the first episode of ‘Melo is My Nature,’ which will deliver big laughs and a lot of fun.”

“Melo is My Nature” is currently scheduled to premiere sometime this summer.

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