The ratings for SBS’s “The Fiery Priest” continue to rise!

According to Nielsen Korea, the March 16 broadcast of the drama gathered on average 14.2 percent in its first half and 18.1 percent in its second half nationwide, breaking its previous record with 17.5 percent. In the Seoul metropolitan area, it scored 15.7 percent and 20.3 percent for the two parts.

For viewers aged 20 to 49, the drama achieved ratings of 6.8 percent and 10.1 percent for the two parts. In this demographic group, the ratings for “The Fiery Priest” were five times greater than those of other dramas that aired in the same time slot.

The ratings peaked at 21.7 percent, in the scene where Kim Hae Il (Kim Nam Gil) took off his clerical clothing and changed into a leather jacket. He then got on a motorcycle and steered his way to a villa owned by Hwang Chul Beom (Go Joon).

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