On March 13, 2019, the K-pop industry welcomed back Park Bom. After an arduous hiatus that seemed to have lasted far too long, Park Bom chose springtime to greet us with a mesmerizing single album containing her title track “Spring” alongside B-sides “My Lover” and “Shameful.”

We all know the struggles that Bom went through in order to reclaim her rightful spot as an artist. This had us undergo an emotional rollercoaster as we eagerly counted down the days until her return. Without further ado, here are eight reasons Park Bom’s much-anticipated comeback hit us right in the feels!

1. Her label’s remarkable advocacy

In an industry where not all music agencies put their clients first, D-Nation earned praise for their management of Park Bom’s re-established career. The company welcomed Bom in 2018 and worked very hard to rebuild her image and hype her in every possible way. They also made sure to protect her from malicious comments and defamation, especially regarding harmful allegations from the past.

On top of releasing an official statement to show their full commitment towards their artist, D-Nation’s CEO Scotty Kim spoke on behalf of Bom during her showcase to further clear her name and shut down rumors once and for all.

2. Her career’s official rebirth

Yes, we’ve been impatiently waiting for Bommie to rise from the ashes since forever, and her live sessions on Instagram and the news of her signing to a new label definitely warmed our hearts. Yet, our thirst wasn’t completely quenched until we finally caught glimpse of her comeback teasers. One thing is for sure: she’s absolutely worth the wait. If you haven’t yet, check out her “Spring” MV!