Seo Eun Soo, Jin Goo, Yoon Park, And More Share Thoughts As “Legal High” Comes To An End


As JTBC’s “Legal High” aired its final episode on March 30, the cast thanked viewers and shared a few words on the ending of the drama.

In “Legal High,” Jin Goo transformed into a monstrous lawyer named Go Tae Rim who was obsessed with money and had a success rate of 100 percent. The actor said, “[‘Legal High’] was a new genre and a new type of character for me, so I had a refreshing and joyful experience throughout filming. I want to say thank you to the staff members and my co-stars, who poured all of their passion into every episode. I sincerely thank the viewers who supported us.”

Seo Eun Soo played a rookie lawyer named Seo Jae In who believed strongly in justice. The actress remarked, “All of the time that I spent living as Seo Jae In was meaningful. I sincerely thank the viewers who loved and supported ‘Legal High.’ I will work hard to show you better things in the future.”

Yoon Park, who appeared as lawyer and prosecutor Kang Ki Suk, said, “After meeting my co-stars and the staff, we worked meaningfully together from the cold winter to the slightly warmer days of March. Thank you to my co-stars and the staff for giving me lots of good energy and love. I also sincerely thank the viewers.”

Chae Jung An, who transformed into the charismatic and charming Min Joo Kyung in the drama, commented, “I was grateful that were able to successfully wrap up [the drama] thanks to the strong storyline and the actors’ natural teamwork. Along with a good drama and the compatibility of the actors, I believe that consideration for others and a comfortable atmosphere [on set] are always a big driving force and energizer in a project.”

Jung Sang Hoon stated that he had fun acting as senior lawyer Yoon Sang Koo. “To be honest, I like this kind of comedy,” he said. “I liked that it was human and relatable, and it made me think of office workers in today’s society. I’ll study more and work harder so that I can continue to show good acting in the future. I sincerely thank the viewers who gave us their love.”

Check out the finale of “Legal High” below!

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