Watch: “Save Me 2” Releases Chilling First Poster And Teasers


Upcoming OCN drama “Save Me 2” released their first chilling poster and teasers.

Starring Uhm Tae Goo, Chun Ho Jin, and Esom, “Save Me 2” is about a village driven into a corner, a false faith that saves it, and a man who stands alone to oppose that faith.

The poster portrays the eerie scene of a rundown chapel with a bare trees and a hill in the background. The red glow from the sunset gives an ominous vibe. The words “it shall be done” are written on the poster as well.

The first teaser video starts with a village named Wolchuri, which has a sign that reads “an area to be submerged” for the construction of multi-purpose dams. It is raining hard in the sparsely populated town, and a mysterious vehicle chases after a student with a pink bag. The owner of a black pair of shoes heads somewhere, and a chilling atmosphere permeates the air. At the end, a mysterious figure approaches a chapel that is not yet complete. Uhm Tae Goo’s voice says, “Everyone is crazy here.”

Check out the first teaser here: