6 Precious Moments Between VIXX And Starlights That Made Our Hearts Swoon

Idol groups and their fans always share a special relationship, and the love and strength that they gain from being there for each other is something we all treasure. VIXX has been active since 2012, and their bond with their beloved fandom Starlight couldn’t be any stronger. Their mutual respect and love is easy to spot in their interactions, and these moments surely make our hearts swoon. It would be impossible to list all the great things VIXX members and fans did for each other, but take a look at some of their most heart-warming moments.

Starlights, get ready for a beautiful journey with our six favorite boys!

Starlights respecting VIXX’s personal space

Starlights are known for being extremely respectful when it comes to waiting for their artists in airports or after music shows and members’ individual activities. The members are truly comfortable around them because the fans give them space and always know their boundaries. They are patient, calm, and organized, and that’s why VIXX members trust them so much. Look at a compilation of fans keeping their distance and respecting their idols!

The story behind the “Milky Way” MV

“Milky Way” was the finishing touch on VIXX’s 2016 Greco-Roman mythology inspired “Conception” project, and the song was the sweetest gift the fans could have asked for! The music video was shot with hundreds of Starlights in a private event, but these lucky fans respected the boys and didn’t give out any spoilers of the song or the video before the official MV came out. The video and the song are both about and for Starlights, and it’s really just the sweetest thing, you should check out below!