Lee Young Ae may be appearing in an action film!

On April 12, sources in the film industry said that Lee Young Ae is positively considering director Song Il Gon’s follow-up project.

If the actress were to accept this role, it would be her biggest transformation on-screen since her debut. She has reportedly been offered the role of a sniper. The film, which does not yet have a title, will be about a female character who used to be a legendary shooter. She was once a mysterious shooter and lived an ordinary life after retiring until she unexpectedly gets swept up in a case.

A source said, “Recently, Lee Young Ae and Song Il Gon had a meeting, said they would work together in the film, and made a verbal agreement. Since it’s a change from their previous works for both people, there’s a lot of interest from people in the industry. I think Lee Young Ae wants an acting transformation.”

Song Il Gon has been recognized for his detailed directing through his films such as “Flower Island,” “Spider Forest,” “Feathers in the Wind,” “Always,” “Forest of Time,” and more.

Lee Young Ae is currently confirmed to appear in “Find Me” (literal title) alongside Yoo Jae Myung where she’ll portray a mom who hasn’t given up on finding her son who went missing six years ago. This will be her first film in 13 years after “Lady Vengeance.”

If you haven’t yet, start watching Lee Young Ae in “Saimdang, Light’s Diary” below!

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