OT week 113. It’s been about a month since I last wrote on the OT! Spring is such a busy time for us, and I had a cold this past week, and finally feel like I’m back in the land of the living today. Son and I had a rough week together after I found out how far behind he is on his piano (which I know he hates doing) and he’s going through that pre-teen “I hate everything” stage. But we’re making great progress these past 2 days, so I thought I’d come here and celebrate! He’s still got a long way to go before he performs this in 10 days (and he hadn’t even read the last page of the piece until 2 days ago!) but as I told him, time management, multi-tasking, and meeting deadlines is something he has to learn now, so that he’ll be dependable as an adult. (I could see his point about this piece though—he’s been working on 3 others which he has done in other competitions, and just didn’t think this one was as important.) Otherwise, I hope to get on the golf range today and yes, I got my taxes filed last night!

On the drama front, I’ve picked up “He’s Psychometric” because I liked the sound of the premise, the mystery, and I do feel that Jinyoung is a good actor as well. I’ve not been disappointed at all. I really am engaged with this one. That last scene, though—scary. There are some great veteran actors in this and I always think the side characters make a drama great. The way the boys cry in this one is especially good; they both rip my heart out every time.

I’m hoping to start “Her Private Life” this weekend and also the short films with IU (“Persona”). I need a good artsy film with thoughtful acting, directing, cinematography and lighting. It sounds like “Persona” should fit that bill nicely.


My daughter and the math genius: the separation. So, I’ve been dreading next year for my daughter because all her friends are leaving her to go to a school for highly motivated kids, and I thought math genius was as well, which would actually be perfect—the separated-childhood-friends-meeting-in- adulthood-and-falling-in-love trope.

Me: So all of daughter’s good friends are leaving this school next year. I heard math genius was as well.

Math genius’ dad: Actually, we were, but he’s staying now.

Me: Really? What changed your mind?

Math genius’ dad: Well, another Chinese mother with kids at the same school as ours convinced us not to move him. [She happens to be sitting not far from me and beams.]

Me: Why? [We can’t because we don’t live in the city and so daughter doesn’t qualify.]

Math genius’ dad: The teaching is better where we are now, we think. At least the teachers all have post-graduate degrees.

Me: Daughter will be glad that not everyone she’s friends with is leaving! And I agree, the kids at our school can go to the university to take classes (as part of our tuition) if they need to. [Chinese mother’s daughter is in the 10th grade and takes Calc II at the university.]…

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