On the April 16 episode of “Video Star,” singer Suran shared publicly for the first time that she had surgery due to breast cancer.

“I had breast cancer once, it was about four years ago,” she said. “To be honest, I had surgery, and one of my breasts was removed.”

She continued, “I went through that in my late 20s, so it was quite shocking for me.” She went on to share that she feels like her femininity decreased after her battle with the disease. “I used to be a really feminine person,” she said. “[My personality] became a lot more neutral. Also in terms of my fashion and my attitude.”

When asked if her treatment is completely over, Suran said, “There hasn’t been a relapse. I’ve continued to do check ups.”

The hosts and guests sympathized with her and supported her as she shared this story for the first time. Suran said, “I’m able to talk about it now because I’m managing it well and there isn’t a concern.”

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