JTBC will be launching a new variety program!

JTBC’s “Lifestyle of Respecting Personal Tastes” (literal title) is a show where celebrities join a “workers’ hobby group” and form friendships with members of the club. It will showcase the stars communicating with the club members and sharing their hobbies, and document how they become friends. “Lifestyle of Respecting Personal Tastes” reflects the lifestyle trend of 2019: starting new hobbies. The program will act as a guideline for viewers, who have more free time due to new social changes such as the introduction of a 52-hour workweek and the end to drinking during company dinners, but are agonizing over what hobbies to have.

The MC lineup includes Jung Hyung Don and Ahn Jung Hwan, who will represent the views of the average “ajae” (middle-aged man) of South Korea. IZ*ONE’s Kwon Eun Bi will take on the role of an MC for the first time since her debut and introduce the trendy lifestyle of the younger generation. Television personality Jang Sung Kyu has also chosen to appear on “Lifestyle of Respecting Personal Tastes” as his first program since his announcement to become a freelancer.

“Lifestyle of Respecting Personal Tastes” has also announced its lineup of celebrities who will take up new hobbies through the show. Chae Jung An, Lee Si Young, Jo Jae Yoon, and chef Lee Yeon Bok will form deep friendships with the members of the club and share their daily lives.

The production staff of the program stated, “The cast will not be experiencing the hobby as a one-time thing, but instead, they will take on challenges with the club members and achieve their goals during one entire season. [Viewers] will be able to see the cast discovering what they enjoy and facing challenges not as stars, but as regular people.”

“Lifestyle of Respecting Personal Tastes” is set to premiere in May.

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