Shin Ha Kyun and Esom complimented Lee Kwang Soo’s exceptional ability to get into character in their new film!

On April 17, a press conference for the upcoming movie “Inseparable Bros” was held at Lotte Cinema at Konkuk University Station, Seoul. Actors Shin Ha Kyun, Lee Kwang Soo, Esom, and director Yook Sang Hyo attended to discuss their film.

The movie is a sentimental comedy based on a true story. It is about an older boy Se Ha (played by Shin Ha Kyun), who is the ‘brain,’ and a younger boy Dong Goo (played by Lee Kwang Soo), who is the ‘brawn.’ Though not blood related brothers, they grew up together and stood by each other for the past 20 years. Se Ha is smart, but has a physical disability. Dong Goo is in excellent physical health, but has the mental capacity of a child. Mi Hyun (played by Esom) meets the two men and helps them.

Director Yook Sang Hyo shared, “I liked the gentle, mild look in Kwang Soo’s eyes.” He added, “We were able to make a great film because he did so well at immersing in his role.”

Shin Ha Kyun commented, “This was my first project with Lee Kwang Soo. I never realized he was such a focused actor who immerses in his role so well.”

Esom added, “Actor Lee Kwang Soo was quiet during filming. I never imagined him to be this way.” He also said, “During the filming of each and every scene, he was fully focused.”

“Inseparable Bros” will be released on May 1.

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