IZ*ONE will be appearing on “Ask Us Anything” for the first time!

Industry representatives reported that all 12 members of the girl group is participating in the recording for the program on April 18.

In response, a source from JTBC confirmed, “IZ*ONE is currently recording for the variety show ‘Ask Us Anything.’ The broadcast is being scheduled for some time next month (May).”

The group has previously mentioned “Ask Us Anything” as the variety show that they want to guest on the most. Fans are especially looking forward to IZ*ONE’s chemistry with the cast members as Kim Heechul was the MC of “Idol School,” which Jo Yu Ri competed on, Choi Ye Na and An Yu Jin have worked with Lee Soo Geun on “Mafia Game in Prison,” and Miyawaki Sakura and Kang Ho Dong are co-stars on “Everyone’s Kitchen.”

Watch a recent episode of “Ask Us Anything” below:

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