Chungha and pianist Yiruma brought their two worlds together in an impromptu collab of Chungha’s song “Gotta Go” on Olive’s “Everyone’s Kitchen”!

The two musicians were guests on the April 28 episode of the show. The cast were gathered in front of the piano when Kang Ho Dong asked if Yiruma could play one of Chungha’s songs. The pianist readily agreed, saying that his daughter was a fan of Chungha’s, and suggested “Gotta Go.” Fearing that the piano on its own might be boring, Yiruma then asked Chungha to sing, bringing the collaboration to life.

The on-the-spot performance earned the applause and praise of the other cast members, and Chungha herself said it was like receiving a present. Lee Chung Ah commented, “It felt like watching a family of musical geniuses.” She then added, “I fulfilled all my dreams today. I got to see Chungha dance and Yiruma play the piano.”

Check out the clip below!