In a drama all about (mistaken) first impressions, “The Secret Life of My Secretary” has left a strong impression of its own!

Kim Young Kwang and Jin Ki Joo’s teaser begins with their characters, Do Min Yik and Jung Gal Hee, meeting under the cherry blossoms. Their encounter is anything but romantic, however, as she realizes that she is being fired from her job.

However, Do Min Yik soon gets into an accident that leaves him unable to recognize faces. Taking advantage of this, Kim Jae Kyung’s character, Veronica Park, hires Jung Gal Hee to pretend to be Veronica and go on a date with Do Min Yik. The moment that Jung Gal Hee shows up to the date and gives Veronica’s trademark greeting, Do Min Yik looks smitten with her.

In a voiceover, Do Min Yik says, “We just met for the first time, but something about her seems familiar.” Do Min Yik treats his new love well, but Jung Gal Hee flashes back to the times when she had to help him out as his secretary. She says to herself, “This is treatment that I could not have received as a secretary.”

At the very end, a voiceover says, “When you meet someone you love, they say you can see their face as clear as day.”