What??? The Description of his character said he was a half breed between a human (Homo sapiens) and a neanderthal (Homo neanderthalensis)???? WRONG!!!

1st: Homo neanderthalensis are said to be extinct since around 40,000 years ago when the early Homo sapiens reached the continent that we call Europe today (Out-of-Africa II for some Human Evolution info if someone wants to know);

2nd: Homo neanderthalensis are a species of the genus Homo that is predominantly European and Middle Eastern called Eurasia (including the Denisovan). There is no way that this genus was in South Korea. The early Homo genus that we know that lived predominantly in Asia (Out-of-Africa I) was Homo erectus, and several remains, were found in China. Other sub-species of the genus Homo were found in Oceania, namely Homo floresiensis in Indonesia (another sub-species were found recently).

3rd: There have been studies of DNA of breeding between these species (Homo sapiens, Homo neanderthalensis and Denisovans), and I read a scientific article that explained that the first half-breeds were mainly “sick” (first generation). Had lots of health problems, because of genetic cross-over. To me, Song Joong-ki is protrayed rather healthy, and he looks more Homo sapiens to me.

But, no Homo neanderthalensis in South Korea, and much less during the timeline that this drama seems to promoto.

Sorry, folks, what a joke. I know this is just a drama, and needs to be viewed just for entertainment. But, dramas also have an input on history and how it perceives, because many people nowadays don’t bother to read or study. Dramas need to be informative and educational as well. And as a pre-historian and historian myself, this is a joke.

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